The medieval Times

algoplay program


A walk-through the medieval times, learning of the catapult and it’s invention.



It is really fun building the catapult and learning about the medieval times.

catapult lesson


This is the Catapult I have built. Today we learnt a few principles on energy. This with the elastic band pulled backwards is known as potential elastic energy.


catapult 4


I had so much fun in lego class. Besides building different models; what I’ve learnt in school is also enhanced. Kinetic energy, Potential energy and elastic energy. The castles in medieval times are really beautiful.

catapult 5


This is the catapult I have built. I’ve learnt about kinetic energy as a movement energy.

catapult 6


I had fun playing with the catapult  that I’ve built. I’ve also learnt that rubber bands has elastic energy.

catapult 7

Aim, lock, FIRE!

Here we are trying to get our candies into the target! 😀