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MOE recently announced that Robotic will become a subject for secondary school in 2021. It is never a better time now to start a Robotic franchisee business in Singapore. MOE revamp the examinations and encourage students to learn other skills other than academic. (News release on 29 Sept 2018).STEM / Robotics classes demand more than supply. There are no clear leaders in the children STEM Robotic education in Singapore yet. Young Engineers aim to dominate with 20-30% market shares.In a world where technology is constantly developing and improving, parents understand the increasing importance of giving their children the best education possible in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).At Young Engineers Singapore, we believe in supporting and helping parents realize that goal, by preparing their children for an evolving environment– one where inventing, creating and initiating are the names of the game.Our vision lies in connecting people with Lego and making them less dependent on using of gadgets such as smartphone and tablets.To this end, Young Engineers is here with the education revolution. We strengthen the development of thousands of children around the world through our unique edutainment (education + entertainment) curricula. Our STEM courses start out teaching children fundamental scientific theories, and progress to advanced engineering and problem solving topics as they move through our curricula. By allowing children to immediately apply the theories they learn at the start of our classes by building motorized LEGO® bricks models that demonstrate the theory in action, we ensure that they receive a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand – at the same time as having fun!Using this method, we equip children with the tools and skills necessary to contribute to STEM fields, and to engage in the complex challenges posed by the ever-changing demands of today’s workplaces.

edutainment7Young Engineers Lego ModelsMighty-Math_liftting


Over the past few decades, as the demand for scientists and engineers has grown in response to our increasingly technology-driven world, the ‘talent pool’ for these fields has shrunk considerably.Additionally, the standard of teaching in STEM subjects is on the decline: Furthermore, standard teaching methods hold children back by focusing on conformity and standardization, rather than focusing on finding each child’s unique way of learning and encouraging creativity. This denies children to engage in the kind of complex, interdisciplinary thinking that is crucial to meet the demands of an increasingly challenging workplace.


The global educational toys market is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of close to 10 percent from the present to 2021, according to a recent report by market research firm Technavio. The report breaks down the toys market into three major categories: academic, cognitive thinking and motor skills. The most popular academic toys among children and parents appear to be math and science kits, which are introduced in early head start programs, preschools and kindergartens.Technavio reports that parents are buying more STEM toys for their kids to experiment with and get hands-on learning experiences from, allowing them to play with microscopes and learn about DNA, energy, motion, crystals, earth science, circuits, conductors, interactive pets, robotics and other complex topics. With rapidly increasing opportunities in the technology and IT sector, parents encourage their children to learn via engineering and coding toys. Manufacturers are witnessing a gradual shift in consumer preferences from conventional toys, such as action figures and dolls, to toy robots, drones and circuits such as LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and Wonder Workshop Dash Robot. Cognitive thinking toys include puzzles, activity sets and construction sets that can aid in the development of skills such as logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving.Examples of cognitive thinking educational toys geared toward middle school kids and adults include construction sets from LEGO that can introduce concepts of engineering and geometry to kids. The motor skills educational toys market is expected to witness the fastest growth as these toys allow physical development and strengthening of muscles in infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.


The market for children’s development and educational programs has increased drastically during the last decade. Growth is now predicted at an average annual rate of 3.1%; what’s more, this expansion has occurred during a time of recession, highlighting that this market sector is relatively insulated from economic downturns. Additionally, the boom in the market for children’s learning apps and educational video games demonstrates an ever-growing trend towards combining learning and entertainment and adding digital technology into the mix.


There are huge benefits to be gained from becoming an e² Young Engineers franchisee :

  • Fast-growing industry
  • Working with a statistically-proven product
    • Junior Bricks Challenges for Age 3-5 (STEM Program)
    • AlgoPlay for Age 6-9 (Coding Program)
    • Bricks Challenge for Age 6-11 (STEM Program)
    • Galileo Technic for Age 8-12 (Coding Program)
    • Robobricks for Age 8-12 (Coding Program) – Junior Competition
    • Robotic and Software Engineering for Age 11-15 ( Coding Program) – Direct School Admission
  • Multiple revenues stream.
    • Weekly Regular Classes
    • Holiday workshops – a comprehensive workshop manual with 306 pages of ideas to choose from.
    • Birthday Parties – a comprehensive birthday parties manual with building instruction models to choose from.
    • Corporate team building
    • Golden Age (55+)
    • Special Needs (Autism)
    • Lego Event Organizer
    • Mobile lessons at child-care and student care center
    • Mobile lessons at MOE schools
    • Collaboration with other Enrichment classes.
  • Being part of an award-winning company
  • Using innovative approaches that are being promoted by highly-regarded academic institutions
  • Modest investment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Comprehensive training program for new franchisees
  • Working with the only children’s education company to have its own Research and Development team and its own app.

    We are looking for partners with the passion, motivation and commitment to show our future generations how to have fun while discovering STEM topics. Understanding the importance of these topics, and how they are taught, is a key starting point for any e² Young Engineers franchisee. We require that our franchisees demonstrate a high level of responsibility and can contribute creatively to our common goal of introducing these programs to children across the globe. We are also seeking franchisees who are willing and able to follow and maintain our proven high standards, and who are committed to excellence. Basic management skills and outstanding interpersonal and communication skills are also fundamental assets for a successful e² Young Engineers franchisee.

    Joining the education revolution today means success in the future –for you and the scientists of tomorrow!

    We are looking for partners to extend our presence into areas such as Yishun, Sembawang, Woodlands, Sengkang, Bukit Timah, Buona Vista, Alexandra, Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Ris, Simei, Jurong West, Clementi areas etc.

    Territory taken:

    1. Hougang (Sector Code: 53xxxx)
    2. Katong (Sector Code: 42xxxx)
    3. Novena (Sector Code: 30xxxx)
    4. Jurong East (Sector Code: 60xxxx)
    5. Tampines West (Sector Code: 52xxxx) 
    6. Punggol (Sector Code: 82xxxx)

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