Young Engineers Robotics Enrichment Program

Suitable for Ages: 11 – 15

Average lesson duration: 90 minutes

R&SE course focuses on exploring the world of Robotics from a professional engineering perspective. Special emphasis on programming solutions will promote the creation of sophisticated and accurate robots to study the fields of Science, Technology, Mechanical and Software Engineering, and Math (STEM) comprehensively.

The R&SE enrichment program offers extensive team work and cooperation to reflect the complex engineering challenges that exist in the industry. The program aligns with the university engineering curricula in order to prepare students for the industrial world. Students will tackle the same engineering challenges and solve them by using the EV3 graphics programing.

Class Schdule



Age Group




11-15 Years old

Robotics & Software Engineering 



11-15 Years old

Robotics & Software Engineering 

Main Topics

  • Utilizing the Young Engineers Spiral Method from previous Young Engineers programs, R&SE course will develop broad range of mechanical engineering and software engineering skills.
  • Additional Software Engineering principles will emphasize: Commands, conditions, loops, planning methods, dynamic programming, applied mathematics, efficiency, operators.
  • Program Objectives
    • Develops procedural-logical and Algorithmic thinking.
    • Develops program engineering capabilities.
    • Develop the ability to solve complex engineering challenges using mechanical and programing solutions at once.
    • Develop program-mechanic optimization problems skills.
    • Develops mathematical processing.
    • Encourages creative thinking.
    • Develop self-confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.
    • Develop the following 21st century skills:
    • Working in teams efficiently.
    • Develop High Order Thinking skills with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking.
    • Acquiring information system and media literacy.
    • Amusement park.
    • Heavy construction equipment.
    • Vehicles.
    • Robots to perform complex missions.
    • Gadgets and games.
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