Benefits of Young Engineers Programs:

  1. Our STEM Robotic Education provides a career head-start to our students.
  2. Young Engineers Robotic and coding programs enable the highly sought after skillset in this digital economy and fourth technology revolution.
  3. Our STEM Education build up the higher order thinking skill through knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis,  evaluation and creation
  4. We are also meeting Ministry of Education requirement for the 21st century competence on critical thinking, inventive thinking, communication, collaboration and informative skill. On top of that, students from our class will become a confident, self-directed person. They will be active contributors to the new society.
  5. Our students also tend to develop multiple intelligence on intrapersonal (self-smart), logical-mathematics (logic-smart),  visual-spatial (picture-smart), interpersonal (people-smart) and bodily Kinesthetic (body-smart)

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Statistical Data for “Young Engineers” Class

  1. The children who register for the class have high scholastic achievements and high level of universal knowledge
  2. 88% of the students attending the class have high grades in math ranging from 85 to 100
  3. Besides knowing how to build models, 81% of the children attending the class learn how to organize their day more efficiently.
  4. 42% of the students indicated that the class makes them think about things they would like to do when they grow up.
  5. Most of the students in the class (53%) believed that participation in the class helps them in school in subjects such as mathematics, geometry and music.
  6. 89% of the students learn to make more constructive use of their time as a result of their participation.
  7. The class helps students develop skills for critical thinking. It also contributes to the development and implementation of personal abilities as well as to making decisions under pressure, logistic thinking and planning.
  8. Every lesson results in a product. Every child succeeds in constructing a model. This gives the children a sense of success and satisfaction with their own abilities. The result is person empowerment and development of self-confidence among all of the children who have participated in class.

Still not sure if this is the right program for your kid? Don’t worry, you can always sign up for a trial class.


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