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Young Engineers Robo Bricks Enrichment Program
Suitable for: 8 – 12
Average lesson duration: 90 minutes

The Robo Bricks course objective is to introduce the students to theoretical and practical aspects of the fields of Technology, Software Engineering, Math and Entrepreneurship.

The course develops algorithmic thinking and program implementation, using the LEGO® WeDo graphic programming. During each lesson, students will build a robot using LEGO® parts and program it according to the required functionality. Most programming tasks will be performed using English terms.

This enrichment program objective is achieved when the students design a software and mechanical engineering project, study its market and use rhetorical methods to make a successful presentation to investors.

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Students will be using our Young Engineers exclusive LEGO kits & Blocks for this workshop. (Disclaimer: Not to be brought home)

Robo Bricks Main Topics

  • Utilizing Young Engineers Spiral Method: the introduction to the world of robotics will be based on implementing all the mechanical engineering knowledge acquired in previous programs.
  • Software and Mechanical Engineering principles: Algorithm planning, formulation of pseudocode, flow charts, We-Do Programming, different output implementations, different input implementations, loops, multi-threads, keyboard operations, sensor implementations, calculation commands.
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Market study, product page, how Google works, Microsoft Power Point, rhetorical methods.
Program Objectives
  • Develop algorithmic thinking.
  • Learn English software engineering terminology.
  • Develop procedural thinking.
  • Develop self-confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.
  • Submit a final project.
  • Develop presentation skills and nurture rhetorical capabilities.
  • Develop the following 21st century skills: 
  • Working in teams efficiently.
  • Computer orientation.
  • Acquiring information system and media literacy.
  • Develop High Order thinking skills with an emphasis on critical and creative thinking
  • Gadgets and games.
  • Modern Robots to execute different tasks.
Touching The Cloud
Balance The Car
Super Beyblade