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Robotics Courses for Kids -

Officially Recognized by Harvard
Graduate School of Education

Why robotics? There is no denying it: almost every job today is seeing technology encroaching right on its doorstep. Children at young age are brought up to be digitally smart, lest they may not survive in this competitive world. This is where robotics for kids courses help them to survive in this competitive world. Robotics in particular is one of the latest trends, with increasing interest and research in big data and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to create robots tailored to perform varied tasks. It is also one of the critical skillsets in this 4th generation of industrial revolution. It may seem like a complex subject that your child would have to tackle when they grow up. However, what if robotic engineering for kids and robotics for teens courses was a thing?

Fortunately, it is! We recognise that the children of today will be faced with severe competition in the technological field when they enter the workforce. We believe that every child should be given an equal opportunity to excel in the technology of tomorrow. That is why we strive to make robotics courses for kids accessible and enriching. To tailor our coding and our robotics classes for kids, we have chosen to use Lego robotics in a fun and interactive classroom setting to nurture these young minds. Your child will be able to play with the Lego pieces we know and love, while learning robotics concepts at the same time. At the end of the robotics course, they will emerge with newfound STEM and coding knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Are you looking for Lego coding and robotics classes in Singapore? Have you been trying to interest your kid in Lego robotics to no avail? Look no further, as we are here with the solution. Young Engineers is officially recognized by Harvard Graduate as the 21st Century STEM organization. Our Lego robotics classes are suitable for children of different ages, from kindergarten through primary school. Our robotics and Lego class in Singapore are not only suitable for young children, but also for teenagers. Enrol your teenager in a Lego robotics class today and give them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills!

Endorsements & Recognition

At Young Engineers, our STEM, Robotics and Coding programs are endorsed by Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII), a collaboration between…


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Why Young Engineers Programs is Perfect for Your Kids

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