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About Us

In this 21st century, we see fast changing and disruptions in many things around us. This made us seek for life skills development program that are critical for future success.

We want to make things happened!

To create this opportunity for the kids to get in touch with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) at a young age. To motivate them the love in learning with their inquisitive minds. To appreciate the excitement of things around them with the right concept understanding. To encourage critical thinking, creativity, independency and to learn the power of team work. We believe this will give overwhelming advantage in skills development for the children and naturally will aid in their academic performance.

It is also our goal to groom the next generation of engineers to continue the work to create and impact our living style and environment. To bring us to the next level of technology impossible!


Lim Joo ChengHi, I am Lim Joo Cheng, married with 3 children age 14, 12 and 10 years old.  Here we are!

As an individual, I believe in autonomous and keeping an open mind to learn new things. As a working mother, I have to teach and encourage my children to learn independently and be self-reliant at a young age.

Passionate in engineering and technology, I graduated from National University of Singapore with Master of Science in Engineering. I seek to work with companies that offers the good platform to allow me to experiment the fun in engineering and enable growth my personal skills. In addition to my engineering skills, I have experience with leadership, people management and change management to get in touch with people in a very personal way.

Chu Ern TengHi, I am Chu Ern Teng, married, with one boy age 6 years old.  Here is my family photo.

I graduated from University of Birmingham with Bachelor Degree in Engineering. To keep myself healthy and fit, I practice yoga and meditation. During my free time, I love reading parenting forums and financial newsletters.

I have been working in the engineering sector for past 18 years, mainly in MNC (Intel and Infineon) My experience skilled in wireless mobile system communication with 2G, 3G and LTE, Bluetooth, Wifi and GNSS technologies. I own several patents related to radio frequencies technologies. I was a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in Intel and an Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering (IEEE) member.

We are looking for the right partnership to grow the Young Engineers brands all over in Singapore. Contact me @ ernteng.chu@youngengineers.sg to request for a discussion on collaborations or franchise opportunities.