Let Young Engineers Team Help You Organize The Lego Activities For Your Team Building Event To Ensure Maximum Success!

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LEGOs are Much More Than Just Simple Building Blocks…

Did you know that the favorite childhood building blocks, LEGO, have been around since 1932? And did you know that not only are LEGOs now used for play, but also for educational purposes for both children, seniors, budding engineers and even corporate team building? It’s true.

LEGO’s open up the perfect door of opportunity for any corporation or delegates to make team building both fun, practical and effective. Many times, various conferences and/or roadshows or workshops include team building events that involve LEGOs but getting the right experts to help manage and organize the LEGO activities to make them a true success can be quite a challenge.

That is until now…

Meet The Amazing Team at Young Engineers

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Here at Young Engineers, we’re real expert when it comes to the implementation of LEGO activities and what we call, “Edutainment” – the combination of education and entertainment. Not only do we provided exceptional LEGO organizational services to help collaborate with you for your next event, but we even offer our exclusive LEGO kits as well to ensure maximum success.

“We’re not only passionate about LEGOs, but also about education and team building.
We can assist you with LEGO team building, LEGO workshops or other various LEGO activities
for adults that you’d like to have properly organized for your next event or conference.”

Participants will build different LEGO models based on our guidance and detailed instructions. These activities can be done as a group or on an individual basis. Most models will be completed within 70-80 minutes, and it’ll allow all participants to not only work together as a team, but also improve the way they communicate and work cohesively together in order to achieve one main goal. These same skills can then be applied in the real world or in the workplace.

We offer team building events based on unique and captivating LEGO activities or offer a LEGO game station for any corporation or company who’s in need of real experts to help not only organize the activities, but to also work together in an easy collaboration.

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How Can We Best Assist You For Your Next Event?

We’d love to collaborate and help organize your next LEGO team building event or workshop. We’re confident that our services, along with our exclusive LEGO kits will not only be a big hit for your event but it’ll also make it a huge success for both you and the participants.

If you’d like to find out more information, have further questions for us, or would like to get your next team building event booked with us, please be sure to contact us via:

Email: ernteng.chu@youngengineers.sg
Call or WhatsApp: 91766941