The Enrichment Class that Your Child Can’t Wait to Attend!

An enrichment class that is fun, exciting and extremely beneficial at the same time? We have you covered. Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-centric programmes are specially designed to equip young minds with the knowledge they need to excel not only in school, but also in the working world. We pride ourselves on being one of the best enrichment classes in Singapore for our ability to engage even the most reluctant child in a fun session of play and learning. Our STEM and Coding Robotics programs are endorsed by Harvard Graduate Schools as the 21st century education STEM system.

Our classes combine the benefits of robotics, coding and analytic thinking into an all-in-one challenge for every child. We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom, so we aim to focus on the practical skills each student will acquire over the course of the curriculum. Additionally, we manage to capture the fun in every session by utilising hands-on problems such as Lego robotics. Apart from training each child in the latest sought-after skillsets, we also ensure that they understand the basic scientific and mathematical concepts taught in school. In fact, 88% of our students scored above 85% in their math examinations – making our enrichment classes a sure way to learn and have fun at the same time.

In addition to coaching students on STEM and coding topics, our friendly classroom setting also fosters interpersonal relationships and teamwork. These are soft skills that many employers look out for, and they can be the deciding factor that sets one applicant apart from another if both have equal qualifications. We encourage our students to build good rapport with one another and work together with their peers to achieve greater heights. We work with parents to impart this unique skill in this child enrichment program which spread across all parts of the world.

Of all the enrichment schools in Singapore, we are confident that our classes are one-of-a-kind, teaching concepts that will really stick with your child even past tertiary education. Get a head-start on science and technology by registering!