The Enrichment Class that Your Child Can’t Wait to Attend!

Looking for an enriching class that is both enjoyable and highly beneficial? Look no further! Our programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are tailored to provide young minds with the knowledge and skills they need not only to excel in school but also in their future careers. As one of the top enrichment classes in Singapore, we take pride in our ability to engage even the most hesitant learners with fun, hands-on activities.

Our STEM and Coding Robotics programs have been endorsed by Harvard Graduate Schools as a 21st-century education system. Our classes offer a comprehensive learning experience that combines robotics, coding, and analytical thinking into a single challenge for each child. We believe that learning goes beyond the classroom, so our focus is on practical skills that students can apply in real-world situations. To make our sessions more engaging, we use activities such as Lego robotics to ensure that each student has a great time while learning.

In addition to teaching STEM and coding topics, our friendly classroom environment also helps develop interpersonal skills such as teamwork and relationship-building. These are valuable soft skills that employers look for, and they can make a difference in hiring decisions even when applicants have similar qualifications. We encourage our students to build good relationships with their peers and work together to achieve their goals. We collaborate with parents to instil this unique skill set in our child enrichment program.

Besides teaching the latest and most sought-after skills, we also ensure that students understand the fundamental scientific and mathematical concepts taught in school. In fact, our students have a track record of success, with 88% of them scoring above 85% in math examinations. Together with being a place to learn and have fun at the same time, this makes us one of the best enrichment classes in Singapore

We are confident that our best enrichment classes in Singapore are one-of-a-kind among enrichment schools in Singapore, providing concepts that will stay with your child long after they leave our program. Register now and get a head start on science and technology!

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Enrichment Classes for Primary Students

Our enrichment classes for primary students are designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond the standard curriculum. A strong foundation for future learning lies in primary education, and we aim to enrich students’ knowledge and skills across different subjects. Our primary-level enrichment classes focus on:


We reinforce fundamental math concepts while challenging students with advanced topics appropriate for their age and grade level. Our goal is to build a strong mathematical foundation that will serve them well in the future.


Our science programs introduce young learners to the wonders of nature through exciting experiments and hands-on activities. We cover a range of scientific topics, fostering curiosity and critical thinking.


In today’s digital age, technology literacy is essential. Our primary students explore basic coding and computer skills, equipping them with tools for the future.


We introduce engineering principles through creative projects and problem-solving activities. This not only sparks interest in engineering but also enhances their problem-solving abilities.


Through robotics, primary students learn the principles of automation, engineering, and programming. They build and program robots, developing both technical skills and logical thinking.

Benefits for Academic and Personal Growth

Enrolling your child in our enrichment classes for primary students offers numerous benefits for both their academic and personal growth. Our holistic approach to education helps students as seen in the following:

  • Our classes help kids improve their grades, with 88% scoring above 85% in math.
  • We teach kids to think smart by doing fun STEM activities and solving coding puzzles.
  • Besides technical stuff, we focus on teamwork, speaking eloquence, and making friends – skills that are beneficial.
  • When kids tackle problems and finish tasks, they feel confident and ready for anything.
  • Our classes are so cool and fun that kids start loving learning, even beyond school!

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Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers

Age-Appropriate Activities

Customized for each child’s needs and abilities, our enrichment classes for preschoolers recognize the critical period of early childhood development. Our programs are crafted to stimulate curiosity and creativity through age-appropriate activities.

Featuring enjoyable and educational elements like storytelling, art projects, hands-on experiments, and interactive games, our preschool classes engage young minds. These activities are specifically designed to introduce fundamental STEM concepts while ensuring a fun learning experience.

Cognitive and Social Benefits

Enrolling your preschooler in our classes provides invaluable cognitive and social benefits crucial during their formative years. Some of these advantages include:

  • Our activities promote early problem-solving skills, basic math concepts, and scientific exploration It helps preschoolers to develop a strong foundation for future learning.
  • Preschoolers develop positive relationships with their peers through group activities that foster social skills, teamwork, and communication.
  • As young children complete tasks and experiments, they build up their preschool skills and achieve a sense of accomplishment.
  • By developing skills in preschool, children are better prepared for formal education.