Adrians RB Photo“The only time I could leave the house on time or even earlier was the day my son has lesson at Young Engineers @ Midtown. He’s always so eager and enthusiastic to attend the classes, so much so that he will get upset if there was a term break/ public holiday that disrupted the programs. He has always loved bricks building since young and after attending Robobricks, his building skills had improved tremendously. What used to be a mass of abstract looking creations became symmetrical, complex and realistic machines that can even be remote controlled. I was really impressed, especially with the fact that he’s able to read manuals and followed the written instructions of bricks building systematically and accurately. Lego city seemed like Lego duplo to him now and he’s actually eyeing Lego Technic, Lego creator and even Lego Mindstorm as his Christmas wish. I can’t thank the teacher enough (especially teacher CK) who has been so patient in teaching him as well as YS who has been so accommodating and helpful with our holiday schedules. He’s so happy and comfortable there that he refused to switch to other center that’s supposedly closer to our home. We are fortunate to have discovered and stayed on with Young Engineers @ Midtown.”Evi Yuwono(Mummy of Adrian, 7 YO)Adrians RB Photo 2“Lucas have been with Young Engineers since the start of Bricks Challenge class. He has been with the school since 2017. It has been an enjoyable time for him and he always look forward to his classes. As he advances to RoboBricks in 2019, he had attained the skill set of building more sophisticated models with programming with software as well as logical thinking and planning. At the same time, he have learnt to work in teams and acquired public speaking and presentation skills. These technical and soft skills needed for his future progression in school and life.We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.Thank you”Eileen(Mummy of Lucas, 8 YO, Graduate of Robo Bricks 2019)trial class available hereAdrians RB Photo 3Kelvin Ngo“My two children thoroughly enjoyed attending the Brick Challenge programme. They look forward to their classes every week. I also appreciate that the staff and instructors have been very patient and always attentive to their needs/ questions. I also appreciate the imparting of discipline and other values like respect for teachers, teamwork etc. Overall, I have noticed that my children has better focus and able to sit through an assigned task and not giving up easily.”We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.Thank you”Kelvin Ngo(Daddy of Catrice & Corwin, 7 YO)Adrians RB Photo 4“Has always advocate this kind of learning through fun approach. Your program of allowing them to learn through their familiar toy, Lego has certainly taken this a notch higher. My kid seriously look forward to his class every Saturday and has immensely enjoyed every lesson. The instructors are friendly and the course workbook indeed help to adequately sums up the day’s learning.”We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.Thank you”Tammie(Mummy of Javius, 7 YO)Adrians RB Photo 5Adrians RB Photo 6“The staff and instructors at the center are helpful and friendly. They provide regular feedback on their course and progress of the students to their parents.My son is looking forward to going to the Lego class every week. He enjoyed the activities in the class. Hope that by going for a few more semester, he can learn more about patience and planning.”Eileen (Mummy of Lucas, 7 YO)Adrians RB Photo 7“Liam is always looking forward to attend the class every week. He enjoys in every projects. The teachers are supportive and encouraging. It is good to learn that he has been trying to communicate. Although he may not fully understand physics, it is still a good exposure and a great head start for him.We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.Thank you”Celeste Lim (Mummy of Liam Chng, 8 YO)Adrians RB Photo 8Adrians RB Photo 9“Lessons are interesting and my boy looks forward to the class.”Angie(Mummy of Jaden, 8 YO)Adrians RB Photo 10Adrians RB Photo11“My son had a lot of fun in the class. As parents are not with the students, students progress report is a good way for parents to understand what they are learning and how they are doing well.”Thank you”Han Dan(Mummy of Evan, 9 YO)Adrians RB Photo 12Adrians RB Photo 13“I would like to thank Young Engineers and its helpful staff and instructors who are handing the program by providing the progress report and sharing many great information. This program serves the age appropriate for my kid. With time, it would help enriching the education purpose to the children learning life. My daughter loves it.”Jane Li(Mummy of Ivy, 9 YO)Adrians RB Photo 14Adrians RB Photo 15“James really enjoyed his classes at Young Engineers a lot. He has learnt engineering principles through fun play with LEGOs which is not taught in school. He is able to explain the concepts that he has learnt. The teachers and staff are very helpful and patient in teaching and helping him improve on his LEGO builts.We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.Thank you”Caren(Mummy of James, 9 YO)Adrians RB Photo 16Adrians RB Photo 17“The staff and instructors are very friendly and helpful. They provide feedback on student’s progress and take photo to share with parents. The course material is easy for my kid to understand. My kid looks forward to attend his class every week. He is more confident with spatial ability and communicating his thought process. I will recommend this to all parents whose kids enjoy Lego and programming.”Isabelle (Mummy of Brighton, 7 YO)

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register hereRegister HereAdrians RB Photo 18Adrians RB Photo 19“Apparently it wasn’t easy to find a Lego Robotic course for a five years old. Most courses available there are catered for elder kids who could at least handle a computer & mouse. So imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered Young Engineers. I am a fan of Lego but has zero knowledge of Robotics. It was my boy who kept pestering me that he wanted to join as he enjoyed the trial class he had in school before. Young Engineers staff and instructors are very friendly & helpful. I appreciated the flexibility given in make-up classes as we travelled often (hence missed quite a bit of the lessons). They are passionate & went beyond to make sure my boy understand & enjoy the lessons. The progress report was short but concise, detailed enough to allow parents insight of what had been learnt in the classroom & more importantly key areas for improvement. The fact that my boy was the one that has to rush me to the class every week is the best testimony of how much fun he has had. Thank you!” Evi Yuwono(Mummy of Adrian, 6 YO)Adrians RB Photo 20Adrians RB Photo 21“The staff and instructors are friendly and approachable. They provide a detailed report for me to understand what my son is doing in class. Ethan enjoys his classes tremendously.”Maggie Tay(Mummy of Ethan, 8 YO)Adrians RB Photo 22Adrians RB Photo 23“The staff and instructors are very friendly and approachable. They provide reports (after one semester) about how my kids behave in school which I found to be useful and good for parent to understand more about their kids. The kids are always looking forward to their weekly lessons. Thanks.”Michelle Guak(Auntie of Ryan & Roy, 11 & 10 YO)Adrians RB Photo 24Adrians RB Photo 25“The main thing I like about Young Engineers’ Robo Brick program is that the child gets to come up with their own lego robotic model and program to move based on what they have learnt through a series of guided sessions. The child is not just following instructions to build or code, but it makes them think and design their own desired movable robot.”Celeste(Mummy of Liam, 9 YO)Adrians RB Photo 26Adrians RB Photo 27“My son enjoys the weekly lessons. The trainer is very engaging and is able to give many pointers and suggestions to him. He enjoys the very interactive and hands on lesson format.The progress report helps to give the parents an idea of how their kids are doing in class.”Lau Peck Lian(Mummy of Oliver, 12 YO)