So why e² machinery engineering?

e² machinery engineeringWe believe the elements of engineering and mechanics are not a trivial matter in daily conduct. In the early years of development, children fine-tune their motor skills to perform everyday activities. The program helps them realize whether there is a variety of ways to approach and solve a problem, and how to make the optimal choice among all options.

Besides the obvious fact that engineering skills and learning are vital, the basic idea behind the Young Engineers system is building children’s self-realization, confidence and independence.

The Subjects Taught in Our

Machinery Engineering Enrichment Programs

Machinery Engineering Enrichment ProgramsBasic and complex mathematics:

The integration between designing and building the models lies in calculations of energy transformations and allows the Young Engineers instructor the opportunity to teach basic mathematics, from addition and subtraction to exponents.

Powers and principles in physics:

Some of the principles of physics that are taught include: centrifugal and centripetal forces; the power of inertia; potential energy; kinetic energy; action and reaction law; buoyancy; torques; fulcrum; load division; angular momentum; and much more.