Lever Fulcrum Principle

“Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”

Lever & Fulcrum

  • This is our third lesson as we cover on the first simple machine.
  • Back in 2000BC Egypt, people were expected to lift 100ton of weight without powered machines
  • Archimedes, the famous mathematician invented the lever and fulcrum to lift impossible weights.


I’ve built my very own weight lift using Lego. I know how to build things with Lego now!


I am able to build really fast now! Here are the models I’ve built for Lego class. This is a scissors and a weight lift.


I understand the lever & Fulcrum principle. I needed some help at first but I managed to complete this model on my own.


I’ve learnt more on the lever & fulcrum principle. It is not difficult to lift the world.


I am able to build this model independently and I know what is Torque, Load Arm, Lever Arm & Fulcrum.