Parents, did you know that there are about 200 different types of engineering in the world? This means that there is an engineering element in most fields. 

Engineers are the people who bring ideas into reality. They are the inventors, designers, and creators behind the products that we use and see every day. Since most things have some engineering elements to them, with hundreds of engineering fields made available, your child’s pathway in the field of engineering promises multiple opportunities and endless possibilities.

Different types of engineering

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An engineer is more than just a creative thinker, they are a person with proper education in the field of engineering. They design materials, structures, machines and systems while considering the practicality, safety and cost. If you are keen on getting your child started in this field, you can read our article on “How to introduce your child to engineering from an early age”

As mentioned before, there are about 200 types of engineering. And these different types of engineering can be grouped into several different categories.

1) Electrical

Electrical engineering is one of the oldest fields of engineering. Electrical engineers study and work with efficient technology, electronic equipment, communication and navigation systems, power grids, and automobiles. They also design, develop, and supervise installations, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of equipment. If your child is a problem solver, loves to work with tools, and is creative, he or she might enjoy becoming an electrical engineer.

2) Mechanical

Mechanical engineers design, develop, and build machines that move such as cars, CD players, rocket engines, robots, and trains. It is the perfect field for creative people who love problem-solving and working with mechanical tools.

3) Chemical

Chemical engineering is a type of engineering that primarily involves chemicals. Chemical engineers create products such as drugs, food, medicines, or fertilisers using scientific concepts from biology, chemistry, arithmetic, and physics. They are also the people behind the unscratchable plastics for Nintendo game systems. If your child is big on inventing new things and making new discoveries, they might want to give this a try!

4) Architectural

Architectural engineers study and devise a blueprint of buildings and smart cities. They ensure that a city can withstand earthquakes, heat, ventilation, environmental effects, and many more. This field of engineering is suitable for those who enjoy applying technical knowledge in designing buildings and even those who enjoy building LEGO blocks.

5) Aerospace

Aerospace engineers study air and space transport. They design space vehicles, airplanes, commercial airlines, and satellite technology. If you see that your child has a knack for building airplane models, you might want to introduce them to aerospace engineering. 

6) Biomedical

Is your child more interested in the medical field? Biomedical engineers design and work with medical equipment. They also create and maintain diagnostic instruments such as electroencephalogram (EEG), pacemaker, and Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). If your child is keen on helping others and is interested in the field of medicine, this is a great option for them.

7) Industrial

Industrial engineering combines engineering with business techniques to increase quality, boost efficiency, and reduce costs. Industrial engineers can work in any industry because they can collaborate with others to emphasise safety and productivity. Some examples of their work are developing facilities and information systems and ensuring workplace safety. This is the perfect job for creative people who enjoy doing business and working with people.

So, which type of engineering do you think speaks to your child? The best way to find out is to have them try their hands in different engineering activities. And the best way for you to do this is to enrol your child on our enrichment programmes. 

There is always an engineering field suitable for your child! And considering how fast the world is evolving, we can expect more engineering fields to come to light soon. Is your child interested in the field of STEM? Develop their interest at Young Engineers Singapore. For more information about our enrichment programmes, get in touch with us now or email us at