Let Your Kids Experience A Stress-free
Year End Holiday Program in 3 Hours With Our International Award Winning Lego Robotics Programs!

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Our Lego STEM Robotic programs are so highly addictive that we have expanded to 5 centers now over the past 2 years to meet the rising demands. We have many students who have gone through many different Young Engineers programs and they are never tired of it.

So why Young Engineers Programs have been so effective?

  • Education must be entertaining, otherwise it won’t be effective. Using LEGO as the educational tool is the most important form of entertainment. Our exclusive LEGO kit design allows kids to spend more time to build and play rather than searching for the right parts to fit.
  • It is based on a “do-not-force-it” learning method. Kids learn at their own pace and their own creation. No competition, no tests, no grades.
  • STEM and coding concepts will be taught in many different ways to allow them a different dimension of using it as an application. For example, centrifugal force can be taught with our Ferris wheel, Carousel and Laundry machine models. In this way, students will be able to grasp and appreciate the theory in greater depth.
  • Our program is structure in such a way that key concepts and principles are first introduced in a fun and easy to understand ways such as showing an animation or relating them to everyday tasks. We make the students realized that Science and technology are always around us. They will then start to build a model which further demonstrate the concept in an application way. Once they are done, they can exhibit their creativity by improving on it with additional features. Finally, they will be given a problem to solve. There is not a single second where they fail to learn, have fun and apply their knowledge in any application.
  • Our curriculum is accepted and endorse by renown university such as Carnegie university as the best way to impart STEM education.
  • Our trainers have to go through numerous hours of STEM Robotic training and achieving at least 85% in order to pass the examination before qualifying to teach in our Young Engineers class.

Many parents just brushed STEM Robotic as yet another Lego building classes. But Young Engineers classes are totally different. While many Lego STEM programs teaches the students how to build a toy car, Young Engineers program allows them to understand the mechanism of how transmission works.

Listen to what Our Parents Said!

“My son enjoys the weekly lessons. The trainer is very engaging and is able to give many pointers and suggestions to him. He enjoys the very interactive and hands on lesson format. The progress report helps to give the parents an idea of how their kids are doing in class.”
Lau Peck Lian
Mummy of Oliver
“The main thing I like about Young Engineers’ Robo Brick program is that the child gets to come up with their own lego robotic model and program to move based on what they have learnt through a series of guided sessions. The child is not just following instructions to build or code, but it makes them think and design their own desired movable robot.”
Mummy of Liam
“James really enjoyed his classes at Young Engineers a lot. He has learnt engineering principles through fun play with LEGOs which is not taught in school. He is able to explain the concepts that he has learnt. The teachers and staff are very helpful and patient in teaching and helping him improve on his LEGO builts.”
Mummy of James

So what is the difference between your weekly class and holiday program?

Glad that you ask. Many of our weekly class students also attended our holiday programs as they get to expose to more STEM principles and sharpening their motor skills and problem-solving skill. For parents whose kids are heavily packed on their weekend schedule, now is the best chance to grab a slot to experience the joy of learning STEM education through LEGO Robotic. This 3 hours holiday workshop is condensed into 2 fast paced lessons. It is like attending 2 weekly lessons in 1 holiday workshop.

We only offer these 3 most popular programs during our holiday workshop.

Ok, so do you have any programs for my 5 years old kid?


Introducing for the first time in Singapore and internationally, kids below 6 years old can finally get a chance to learn coding without touching any screen (no tablets or laptop). Can you imagine it???

Our revolutionary AlgoPlay program took us 3 years to develop and it is finally ready to launch worldwide. And it is totally different from any of the coding programs. Students get to learn coding even before they learn how to read and write.

Students first begin by constructing a building block model, then create various lines of code using function & Parameter blocks. Finally, by pressing the “Play” block, the robot will perform the coding sequence.

In each lesson, the student will perform high level programming tasks such as Algorithm planning, Functions & Parameters, Conditioning, Loops, Multithreading, Debugging, Race Condition, sensor applications and more.

AlgoPlay equips students with the professional skills necessary for understanding the logic behind almost any coding language that exists today.

Even Prince William dropped by our Young Engineers HQ to learn more about this leading-edge education tools on screen-free coding language.

If my kids are 6 years old and above but do not want to learn coding, is there any other programs suitable for them?

Oh yes, our Bricks Challenge is one of our flagship program where our students will be exposed to many STEM principles focusing on advance mechanical engineering principles. The students will learn to appreciate Science and Mathematic in a way different from how traditional schools are teaching. They are applying these principles in their daily tasks and realize that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are always surrounding them. Enough to give them a head-start over the rest of their classmates when it comes to general knowledge.

Ok cool, I bet you do not have any programs for older kids such as 10 to 12 years old?

Of course, we have too! Our Robobricks program will complete our offering for students from 8 to 12 years old.  For this group of students, they will be performing graphical coding via LEGO WE DO2.0 education tools. They will be solving problems by breaking them into small tasks and translating these tasks into codes to be processed by machines. This is the algorithmic or computational thinking process that we impart to the students which are critical for their progression into higher education such as university.

Students will be using our Young Engineers exclusive LEGO kits, Blocks and tablets for this workshop (Disclaimer: Not to be brought home)

What Students will bring home instead

Throwback to our Past Holiday Workshop

Ok I am ready to sign up for my kids but what are your class schedule?

Here you go.

Fill up the forms and our friendly customer officer will contact you if you need any further assistance.

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