Young Engineers Singapore was invited to be part of the event partners for our recent EduFest roadshow at Waterway Point @ Punggol from 12-14 Feb 2018. We are responsible for the game station where kids come to our booth to build a Lego model and getting a stamp on their activity cards before they can collect a goody bags.

We are also the organizer of the Lego Creative contest where kids get to exhibit their creativity to build a Lego model within 15 mins. Winners get to bring home a prize comprising of a 3-in-1 doodling robot or a Water Clock (run on water, not battery) and also a gift voucher worht $150 off our Young Engineers program.

Here are all our winners of the Lego Creative Contest for the 3 days event.

12 Feb 2018 Lego Creative Contest Winners

Dhanogit (9 years old)

Easnika (7 years old)

Jiya (4 year olds)

Matt (10 years old)

Rasika (11 years old)

Ray (7 years old)

Swarit (8 years old)

13 Feb 2018 Lego Creative Contest Winners

Cayden (7 years old)

Damehrius (10 years old)

Geog (10 years old)

Rithika (6 years old)

Ryan (11 years old)

Vinvin ( 5 years old)

14 Feb 2018 Lego Creative Contest Winners

Brendan (7 years old)

Caleb (6 years old)

Chloe (5 years old)

Joanna (4 years old)

Siddartha (5 years old)

Zander (5 years old)