Studio 2.0

Miss Lego Classes?

Despite the impact from Covid-19, Young Engineers is not stopping our activities.

Do you know there are other ways that your child can build Lego at home?
Studio 2.0 is an online platform that provides tools for building all the Lego Models. All that is required is a computer, mouse and a keyboard. Studio 2.0 contains has a library that contains all the Lego Classic & creators bricks, even the gears, lift arms, axles, connectors that are used in Lego Technic, Wedo & Ev3 Mindstorm. 

Last but not least, it lets you transform your work

From This

To This

User control is quite simple using drag and drop. There are auto-snap-on features designed such that it fit on each other nice and easy. A simple user interface allows applying own favorite colors to the bricks, simple folders where you can store your most used bricks, and allows you to create sequential building step to generate your own building instruction.

Building Lego on Studio can be easy at the beginning. But as the build up of bricks becomes more and more, the assembly complexity becomes challenging. Therefore understand of 3D Perspective View becomes important in order to get the assembly right.

Get to create your own building instruction

We would want to build models that are able to move.  Gear Transmission will be one of the important lesson taught in the course

Course Package

This will be a 4 day course:

Day 1: 

  • Extract bricks from the Studio Library
  • Learn how to control (move, rotate, copy, delete, hide) the
  • bricks using the mouse and keyboard
  • Learn to control the camera view
  • Apply color to the bricks.
  • Customize Build Palette
  • Connect bricks together
  • Understand of Axles & Bush
  • *Class activities & Home assignments

Day 2: 

  • Create building steps.
  • Create a building Instruction Document
  • Create Sub-model
  • Understand the function of of Friction & Frictionless pins
  • Understand the function of Connector Angle and Connector Extender
  • Connect bricks together
  • Understand of Axles & Bush
  • How to look at different perspective view in 3D
  • Joining bricks using rotation
  • *Class activities & Home assignments

Day 3: 

  • Lean the types of gears and gears transmission
  • Learn to engage gears together in using rotation
  • Learn to control the camera view
  • Apply and import Motor into Studio
  • *Class activities & Home assignments

Day 4: 

  • Create fan blades using gears
  • Aligning and position gears on plates
  • How to create 90 degrees gear transmission
  • Learn about gear box transmission
  • Apply and import Battery box into Studio
  • Learn how to apply decal stickers on bricks
  • Learn how to build mini-figures with decal stickers
  • *Class activities & Home assignments

*Note the course intention is to teach students how to use Studio, there will not be any building of Young Engineers model during the class

Class Schedule

Course Fee

  • Its a 4 day course, and per class duration is 2 hours.
  • 4 day full package fee at $280.
  • WhatsApps to 9863 5139 to book a slot.

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