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Our Award Winning LEGO Robotic S.T.E.M Program Will Provide Your Kids To Learn in a Fun and Interactive Way That They Do Not Even Realized that They Are Learning Everything They Need To Know About Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.


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The Field of Robotic is one of the areas where your kids will get to expose to many different subjects such as Science (Physics), Technology (Robotics control, Artificial Intelligence etc), Engineering (Mechanical & Software, Coding), Mathematics ( Gears ratio etc).


Young Engineers LEGO Robotic S.T.E.M education is the new 21st century education system integrating “applied learning” where students learn by engaging in direct application of skills, theories and models.


Our Bricks Challenge program introduces the 24 key concepts and scientific principles and incorporates them into the projects where in every lesson, the kids will be building a different LEGO models. When they completed the whole Brick Challenge program comprising of 30 lessons, they will be equipped with the knowledge of these 24 key scientific and engineering concepts.


For example, one of the key principles in the world of Robotic is the principle of “Symmetry”. Without a clear understanding of this principle, most kids will build a model without following this law of “symmetry” and at the end, they realized that their Robots do not work at all. Our instructors will debug with them and make them understand why it does not work.


We teach the law of “gravity” by making an elevator project and introduce Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein (guess how are they related to this law of gravity?)


A sneak preview of what a typical lesson can be illustrated in our Elevator project.


Other Examples of Lessons Topics:

24 key concepts of Scientific and Engineering Principles


Within one year since launching this program in early 2018, we already had 195 students experiencing our Bricks Challenge programs.

Hear from some of our happy parents on how this program benefits their kids!

And yes, we do provide student progress report card for every term ending, with photos of the models that the students built and assessing them based on motor skills, spatial vision, communication skills, self-efficacy & active listening. 

Our Lego Robotic S.T.E.M education program is highly addictive. Most kids look forward to every lessons as they get to build different models and have fun with them while learning another scientific and engineering principles.

The best proof is to let parent speak about our programs

“My two children thoroughly enjoyed attending the Brick Challenge programme. They look forward to their classes every week. I also appreciate that the staff and instructors have been very patient and always attentive to their needs/ questions. I also appreciate the imparting of discipline and other values like respect for teachers, teamwork etc. Overall, I have noticed that my children has better focus and able to sit through an assigned task and not giving up easily.”

– Kelvin Ngo (Daddy of Catrice & Corwin, 7 YO)

“So How Does My Kids Benefit From This Program?”

Check Out Our Statistic Data Conducted in A Young Engineers Class in 2012 in Israel.  

  1. The children who register for the class have high scholastic achievements and high level of universal knowledge
  2. 88% of the students attending the class have high grades in math ranging from 85 to 100
  3. Besides knowing how to build models, 81% of the children attending the class learn how to organize their day more efficiently.
  4. 42% of the students indicated that the class makes them think about things they would like to do when they grow up.
  5. Most of the students in the class (53%) believed that participation in the class helps them in school in subjects such as mathematics, geometry and music.
  6. 89% of the students learn to make more constructive use of their time as a result of their participation.
  7. The class helps students develop skills for critical thinking. It also contributes to the development and implementation of personal abilities as well as to making decisions under pressure, logistic thinking and planning.
  8. Every lesson results in a product. Every child succeeds in constructing a model. This gives the children a sense of success and satisfaction with their own abilities. The result is person empowerment and development of self-confidence among all of the children who have participated in class.


Still Not Sure If This Is The Right Robotic Program?

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Suitable for: 6-11 Years Old

Average lesson duration: 75 minutes

Bricks Challenge is our most popular enrichment program. The overall course objective is to impart theoretical and applied knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Math (STEM) by using LEGO® technic parts and other exciting tools.

The main goal of the course is to illustrate content through stories and demonstrations. Our students will learn math and physical principles through intuitive study, develop their independent learning and improve their building skills.

The course will provide mathematical integration between physical laws and the simple calculations to support them. The laws and mathematics are both illustrated through the construction of exciting LEGO® bricks models. Once the concepts have been demonstrated students enjoy hands on building the YE LEGO® models which provides experiential learning and reinforces the lessons topic. To carry out the building process, students receive a tailor made kit developed by Young Engineers.

Young Engineers Bricks Challenge Enrichment Program



Program Main Topics
  • Basic and Complex Mathematical Operations:The integration between planning and building the model involves the calculation of energy transformations, which enables the teaching of mathematical topics such as addition and subtraction, and up to exponentiation.
  • Introducing Philosophers and Theoreticians:Archimedes, Newton, Da Vinci and more.
  • Physical Forces and Laws:Centrifugal force, centripetal force, force of inertia, kinetic energy, potential energy, law of action-reaction, lift force, torque, leverage points, load distribution, force conservation, angular momentum and more.




Bricks Challenge Objectives and Values

  • Develop time planning and management skills.
  • Encourage independent creative-inventive thinking.
  • Develop the ability to analyze engineering processes.
  • Broaden knowledge of physical laws and various natural phenomena.
  • Improve spatial vision.
  • Develop a sense of self-efficacy.
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills.

Building and Investigating Exciting Theme Models

  • Amusement park rides.
  • Aircraft.
  • Various means of transportation.
  • Cranes.
  • Elevators.
  • Modern machines.