40 kids participated in our mini Brick Challenge at Hougang Mall from 8-14 June 2018

We have ended another fruitful roadshow, this time at Hougang Mall which is only 3-5 min walk to our Young Engineers Center at “The Midtown”.

hougang mall roadshow hougang mall roadshow 2 hougang mall roadshow 3

Here are some of the photos taken from our participants with a guided build selected from our library of different Lego models.

hougang mall roadshow 4 hougang mall roadshow 5 hougang mall roadshow 6

Many of the younger kids also benefited from our guidance where they get to follow the instruction sets and the motorize parts to make their Lego models more lively.

hougang mall roadshow 7 hougang mall roadshow 8 hougang mall roadshow 9

We have also collected many inquiries on our Young Engineers programs where they are looking to groom their kids into the next Scientist or Engineers.

This is our way of giving back to the society to shape the next generation of Scientist, Engineers and Mathematician to contribute to the fast changing world we are in now.

We look forward to allow more kids to benefit from our program by having more of such events in future. Look out for it the next time you chance upon Young Engineers.