Singapore is famous for its educational success, especially in the field of STEM. In Singapore, students are introduced to STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) even before they start school. The reasoning behind this is to give students a basic understanding of the model so that they can better understand complex issues in the future.

STEM education has always been seen as important for the development of humanity and technology. It is even more important today as we constantly develop new technologies and require new skills from the young generation. In fact, the job market is very competitive today that developing STEM knowledge and skills are now seen as a must.

As you may have already known, Singapore is looking to become more economically prosperous by creating a new green infrastructure. With knowledge in each STEM component, students can become all-rounded and potentially make a difference in this world.

Mastering science allows students to have a more in-depth understanding of the world, technology prepares them for innovations, mathematics enables them to eliminate errors and make conscious decisions, and engineering better enhances their problem-solving skills. All in all, mastering the STEM field will ready the students to become experts and professionals who can better transform the world.

However, learning the STEM subjects and truly understanding them is different. At our enrichment centre, we want our students to do more than just learning and memorising—we want them to truly understand the concepts behind each subject and find joy in learning. To do that, we have introduced our Young Engineers programme.

Introducing Young Engineers

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Bricks Challenge classmates (ages 6-9) working together on a LEGO model. The photo was taken before COVID-19 mask restrictions were in place.

Here at Young Engineers Singapore, we want to shape the next generation of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians by getting our students in touch with the STEM field at a young age.

Rather than teaching them to memorise the materials, we make it our mission to motivate them to love learning and understand the concept behind each subject. Only then we believe they can develop critical thinking, independence and teamwork skills.

Young Engineers offer the following subjects:

  • Junior Coding
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Coding
  • Software Engineering
  • Technology

Classes under the Young Engineers programme

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Young minds (ages 4-6) from the AlgoPlay Junior class constructing LEGO block models. The picture was taken before COVID-19 mask restrictions were in place.

Our Young Engineers programme is endorsed by the Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII), a collaboration between Harvard Graduate School and Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) as the 21st Century Education System.

Young Engineers also received the Seal of Excellence by the EU Commission for our high quality and innovative proposals judged by impact, excellence, quality and efficiency of implementation.

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Benefits of the Young Engineers programme

Today, there is no longer a need for us to memorise facts as everything is made available online. You can find the answers to most questions when you search them up on the internet. So, if education no longer requires memorisation, what does it require now?

Jobs nowadays are interdisciplinary, meaning it relates to more than one branch of knowledge. For your child to stand out and succeed, STEM education greatly helps them to have a head start. For example, with high knowledge of STEM education, students will have a wide variety of career choices or have a wide selection of university courses.

And the current job market calls for more individuals with high critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This is particularly beneficial because the STEM field provides students with high-order thinking skills, analytical and creative thinking, and excellent communication skills.

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Our Young Engineers STEM and ROBOTICS class can give students exactly what they need to perform well academically and professionally. Our classes provide students with highly sought-after skill sets that are particularly useful in this digital economy.

Our programme also meets the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) requirements for 21st-century competence in critical thinking, inventive thinking, communication and collaboration. Students will also learn to become confident self-directed learners through our programme and become active contributors to society.

How effective is our Young Engineers programme?

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In our Galileo Technic class, students (ages 8-12) learn how to build complex mechanisms using the LEGO brick kit. This was taken before COVID-19 mask restrictions were in place.

Students who enrolled in our programme have high scholastic achievements and a high level of universal knowledge.

  • 88% of our students obtained high grades in mathematics, with results ranging from 85 to 100.
  • 81% of our students are capable of organising their day efficiently.
  • 42% of our students indicated that the classes under our Young Engineers programme have encouraged them to think about their preferred careers. 
  • 53% of our students believe that their class participation under the Young Engineers programme has helped them tremendously in school, especially for subjects such as mathematics, geometry and music.
  • 89% of our students are capable of making the most of their time as a result of their class participation.

Our classes under the Young Engineers programme are designed to help students develop multiple thinking and creativity skills. This is because we believe that education is so much more than just memorising facts—it requires a comprehensive understanding of the materials and concepts.

When students truly enjoy learning and understand what they are learning, only then can they develop personal abilities and make better decisions.

Through our programme, students will gain plenty of advantages in skills development which is helpful to aid them in their academic performance. And by encouraging them to work together with other students, they can also improve their communication, presentation and social skills.

At Young Engineers Singapore, we believe that every lesson results in a product. Every time a child succeeds in constructing a model, the child will feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with their capabilities. This will further encourage them to feel empowered and develop their self-confidence.

If you are interested in sending your child to join our Young Engineers programme, get in touch with us now. We are still open for enrolment.