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STEM Education is a means by which students can practice thinking more deeply about issues and challenges, discover real-world relevance in subject matter, cultivate a deeper sense of engagement in learning, and experience how disciplines are interwoven. STEM Education also unlocks the creative, innovative horsepower of our educations, and is a gateway for business and industry to be more actively involved in our schools and student learning. Consequently, STEM Education positions our youth with the mindset, skillset, and capacity to thrive in an unknown future and compete for and create professions that do not yet exist.”

W.Ansel Sander, 
President and CEO
Public Education Partners.

In this free STEM quiz book, we demonstrate what are the subjects being taught in a typical STEM education. We also give examples on Coding and Robotics technologies.
Hint: They are real world applications which you are seeing or using it.


What They Say about the Book

“The content is great and relevant to current school curriculum. From 3-15 years old kids will definitely love it. The best is they illustrate these content with STEM, coding and robotic elements, it enhances kids' learning experience, and allowing them to explore the fascinating world of coding.

Lim Chian Ho (Father of 4 kids)

“As we progress into digital era, we need to equip our little loved ones with the tools and knowledge on technology  in order for them to compete in the future. Young Engineers e2 provides the foundation for my kid to train and develop her skills in order to fulfil this need. This prestigious school provides a comprehensive curriculum to walk together with my daughter through this journey of becoming competitive in the future world.”

Brandon (Father of 2 kids)

What’s Inside the Quiz Book?

STEM Robotics

Most contents cover the STEM principles such as lever principle, Newton's 3rd law, gear transmission etc. 


We illustrate coding quiz with a real world examples which requires to solve with computational thinking.

Bonus: Science Mind map

As a bonus, we are offering a primary school Science Mind map which will help your child to associate Science at a faster pace.

Disclaimer: This STEM, coding and Robotics quiz contents only covers 20% of what we actually do in our full curriculum. The other 80% comprise of hands-on prototype, critical thinking and problem based learning etc. We have only picked a few topics to release to the public. The rest of the curriculum are proprietary for our paid students including the usage of our exclusive education tools.

Young Engineers Singapore

At Young Engineers, our STEM, Robotics and Coding programs are endorsed by Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII), a collaboration between Harvard Graduate School and Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) as the 21st century education system.

Young Engineers also received the Seal of Excellence by EU Commission for our high quality and innovative proposals judged by impact, excellence, quality and efficiency of implementation.

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