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Let Your Kids Discover the 24 Key Scientific and Engineering Principles That Govern All Real World Applications Through Our Lego STEM Robotic Class. 

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young engineersShaping The Next Generation Of Young Engineers Scientists!

Young Engineers is a global education company which uses LEGO® building blocks to introduce children to theoretical and practical aspects in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

LEGO STEM Brick Challenge Demo Class (Age 6-11)

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RoboBrick WeDo 2.0 Demo Class (Age 8-12)

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We are excited to offer Young Engineers® programs to Singapore! Young Engineers® programs include after-school classes, holiday workshops, birthday parties, LEGO events organizer,team building and more!

Lego Enrichment Programs for Pre-schoolers to Secondary School students

Young Engineers has developed a selection of different programs for students from pre-school through secondary school in order to teach the subjects we feel are the way of the future.

Our enrichment programs and workshops are suited for students of all different learning abilities. Unlike traditional lecture style education methods, our instructors engage students through the use of stories, hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Our participants learn real life applications of mathematics principles, the laws of physics and both mechanical and software engineering. Our enrichment programs are so successful because we have disguised the education with entertainment.

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment
At Young Engineers, we believe in engaging our students’ education processes while developing their ability to learn.
We understand that every child has a different technique for learning and retaining information, yet we have found that
making learning fun is the lowest common detonator for a successful education. We have meticulously generated hands-on
curricula, which combine education and entertainment creating our unique “edutainment” method.

LEGO Robotic STEM Education
Many Lego® based STEM after school programs are really nothing more than an excuse for parents to leave their children
in school for an extra hour while hoping that at least they’re learning something. For example, children leave other
LEGO STEM programs feeling like they learned how to build a toy car. They leave our programs able to explain how a
transmission works.Our workbook is deliberately designed to make sure that the student understands the scientific, engineering and
mathematics principle behind the models they are building.

21st Century Skills

We prepare children for success by teaching the 21st century skills which experts have identified as the most important factors in career success. These include teamwork, problem solving skills, the ability to think creatively and applied learning.

The programs are based on the “spiral education method”, allowing students to be introduced to complex ideas from a different perspective.

Pedagogic Guideline #1 – PBL
All Young Engineers programs use a Problem Based Learning approach. Rather than merely follow instructions by rote, students are challenged to take the information they’ve learned in the class and apply it to a real engineering problem. This not only reinforces the concepts they’ve learned, but also helps build their self confidence, which is a critical part of succeeding in STEM classes.

Pedagogic Guideline #2 – Spiral Learning
Young Engineers lessons and programs have been carefully designed to build on the previous lessons. Each lesson uses the scientific principles used in the previous lesson when teaching a new subject. This shores up their knowledge of the previous subject and helps them put the new lesson in context. For example, in the power plant model, we teach power increasing transmissions. The next lesson teaches double speed increasing transmission and reviews what was covered in the previous class.

Statistical Data for “Young Engineers” Class
  1. The children who register for the class have high scholastic achievements and high level of universal knowledge
  2. 88% of the students attending the class have high grades in math ranging from 85 to 100
  3. Besides knowing how to build models, 81% of the children attending the class learn how to organize their day
  4. 42% of the students indicated that the class makes them think about things they would like to do when they grow
  5. Most of the students in the class (53%) believed that participation in the class helps them in school in
    such as mathematics, geometry and music.
  6. 89% of the students learn to make more constructive use of their time as a result of their participation.
  7. The class helps students develop skills for critical thinking. It also contributes to the development and
    implementation of personal abilities as well as to making decisions under pressure, logistic thinking and
  8. Every lesson results in a product. Every child succeeds in constructing a model. This gives the children a
    of success and satisfaction with their own abilities. The result is person empowerment and development of
    self-confidence among all of the children who have participated in class.

See More Parents Testimonials
“Apparently it wasn’t easy to find a Lego Robotic course for five years old. Most courses available there are catered
for elder kids who could at least handle a computer & mouse. So imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered Young
Engineers. I am a fan of Lego but has zero knowledge of Robotics. It was my boy who kept pestering me that he wanted to
join as he enjoyed the trial class he had in school before. Young Engineers staff and instructors are very friendly
& helpful. I appreciated the flexibility given in make-up classes as we travelled often (hence missed quite a bit
of the lesson). They are passionate & went beyond to make sure my boy understand & enjoy the lessons. The
progress report was short but concise, detailed enough to allow parents insight of what had been learnt in the
classroom & more importantly key areas for improvement. The fact that my boy was the one that has to rush me to the
class every week is the best testimony of how much fun he has had. Thank you!”– Evi Yuwono (Mummy of Adrian, 6 YO)

Exclusive LEGO Kit

In addition to the regular programs, Young Engineers offers other programs from its proprietary kit. Over 200 lessons and models can be built from our kit, including programs for children with special needs, summer camps, workshops for seniors, birthday parties, and more.

Our kits, like our classes, are structured in a very deliberate manner. By making the children responsible for organizing the kits at the end of the class, not a single educational opportunity is missed!

LEGO STEM Brick Challenge Demo Class (Age 6-11)

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RoboBrick WeDo 2.0 Demo Class (Age 8-12)

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