Let Young Engineers Shape Your Child To Become The Next Young Scientist and Engineers Today!

Young Engineers curriculum is based on the most crucial skills students need to prosper in our current world. 

Skills included :

  • Computational Thinking
  • High-order thinking
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Acquiring information systems and media literacy
  • Developing individual and social responsibilities
  • Lifelong learning.

The Young Engineers Edutainment Method

Our edutainment method has been created by e² Young Engineers’ CEO & founder Amir Asor.

Asor, 29, a BA graduate in Computer Science & Economics, had learning disabilities as a child. A few years ago, after volunteering as a paramedic in emergency rooms in many hospitals, Asor started to develop the basic idea behind Young Engineers. It was based on the principle of providing personal care and attention to every individual need in a large group of patients.

As a result of this experience, Asor understood that a teacher in a class using only one method, without allowing every child to utilize their own individual learning style, has much in common with a doctor who enters a ward and declares: “Today everybody gets a flu shot!”. Obviously, each patient has their own needs, and so does every student.

Eventually, one brave business decision along with personal experiences gave Asor the privilege of creating the Young Engineers curricula, which every child can understand, enjoy and learn from.

Check out a few of our models that your child are going to build!
(There are more!)


“Lucas have been with Young Engineers since the start of Bricks Challenge class. He has been with the school since 2017. It has been an enjoyable time for him and he always look forward to his classes. As he advances to RoboBricks in 2019, he had attained the skill set of building more sophisticated models with programming with software as well as logical thinking and planning. At the same time, he have learnt to work in teams and acquired public speaking and presentation skills. These technical and soft skills needed for his future progression in school and life.
We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.
Thank you”
Eileen, (mother of Lucas, 8 YO)
Graduate of Robo Bricks 2019
“Has always advocate this kind of learning through fun approach. Your program of allowing them to learn through their familiar toy, Lego has certainly taken this a notch higher. My kid seriously look forward to his class every Saturday and has immensely enjoyed every lesson. The instructors are friendly and the course workbook indeed help to adequately sums up the day’s learning.”
We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.
Thank you”
Tammie (Mummy of Javius, 7 YO)
“Liam is always looking forward to attend the class every week. He enjoys in every projects. The teachers are supportive and encouraging. It is good to learn that he has been trying to communicate. Although he may not fully understand physics, it is still a good exposure and a great head start for him.”We were glad to have enrolled him in this course.
Thank you”
Celeste Lim (Mummy of Liam Chng, 8 YO)

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